18th November- New pictures uploaded!

Dear Parents & boys,

Do check out the Gallery for the latest uploads!

Ms Chua & Ms Chan

30th September

Dear Parents and boys,

Happy Children's Day!

The boys had a fabulous celebration in school today!!!  We had Bat Girl and Batman as our MCs, with Principal, Mr Lim, kick started the celebration by singing a song, followed by the English Dept singing a song for the children to the tune of one of the National Day Song ' Reach for the stars', but with a witty twist in the lyrics, and renaming the song ' Reach out for A star'.

The PE department teachers did a dance performance to the tune of a korean hip-hop song, titled 'Nobody' where teachers showed off some of their hot moves!

Next there was ' Who wants to be a millionaire?'  quiz by the GE department, followed by the children identifying masked teachers dressed in school uniforms oragnised by the Math Department!

The Science department  videoed a hilarious skit similar to TV show ' America's Got Talent' and it ended with the Mother Department singing songs with the boys!

'Model pupil' recipients went on stage to collect their certificates.  Brennan Lim has been voted as one of Model Pupils, nominated by his friend, Isac Tan & supported by Ms Chua.

Next, we adjourned for recess break where the kids redeemed their gifts with an ice-cream stick token.

Lastly, we headed back to class to celebrate! The boys received presents from the school, a goody pack from parents, and yet another goody pack from Ms Chan & Ms Chua. This is not the end of it... they received presents from their respective mother tongue teachers and Mrs Chee! There was even a cake-cutting! Everyone had a wonderful time! Enjoy the holiday!!!

Happy Children's Day!

Yours sincerely,
Ms Chua

* Spelling postponed to 2nd October, Friday
* Photos will be put up shortly

24th September

Dear Parents,

Please take note of the following-

1. The ACS Carnival T-shirt(size 30) has been given out to the boys today.
You may change sizes. However, please return the shirt in the plastic wrapper and write in your child's diary the desired size for him.
The sizes range from size 30, 32, 34, 36, 38.

2. Children's Day Song- Semoga Bahagia
Please download this song to your computer and practice singing the song with your child

3. Files added to DOWNLOADS
  • Semoga Bahagia song
  • Semoga Bahagia Lyrics ( Download as READ ONLY)
  • 2009 P2 SA2 dates
  • Term 4 Spelling List ( if boys misplace them)
Thank you.

Ms Chua

15th September- E LEARNING DAYS

Dear Parents and boys,

Please log onto the asknlearn website. Please follow the instructions accordingly. You also have quizzes to do after the lessons! The activity for the day is available till 11.59pm and after that, you will not be able to access it anymore.

Enjoy! Please remember to return to school on Thursday! :)

Thank you.
Ms Chua

* For technical assistance with Ask & Learn website when you encounter problems, email: support@asknlearn.com or call 67776991

26th August ASKnLEARN activity

Dear Parents,

Apparently, the ASKnLEARN website isnt working too well and there has been some confusion.

To get the worksheets done, you may also visit http://www.enchantedlearning.com/coloring/s4.shtml

When you get to the webpage, click on the animal alphabetically. It is an entire p2 level activity. We will go through in class again and explain the terms further. The boys need not remember these terms but it is good exposure, and we can compare certain similarities among the different organisms.

Many thanks,

15th August- Instructions for Frog Life Cycle

Dear boys,

There are 2 activities for you to do this weekend!

Activity 1:  

1. First watch the video on the lifecycle of a frog. You may check out the other INTERESTING amphibian videos at this site- Bullfrogs, Leopard frogs, Tad Pad and Water-Holding Frog!

2. Next you can find out more about the Red-Eyed Tree Frog , Poison Dart Frog and the American Bullfrog (If it doesn't appear, you may have to scroll left and right to find the correct frog!!!)

Now that you're a frog expert.... you can move onto Activity 2

Activity 2:

Creating the frog's 3-stages of Life Cycle
  1. You will be given a piece of papaer containing pictures of the frog at different stages of its life cycle.
  2. You are to cut arrange the pictures in order and paste them on a A3 size COLOUR paper OR DRAWING BLOCK.
  3. Add in the "arrows" to show how one stage of the life cycle will lead to the next stage.
  4. Label the 3 different stages of life cycle.
  5. Describe each stage of life cycle in one sentence. Write the sentence beside the picture.
  6. Colour the pictures.

Hand in your work on Monday 17th August

*Poison dart frog picture taken from www.shoarns.com/frog.jpg

7th August National Day Celebration

Dear Parents and boys,

Unlike Racial Harmony Day where most of the boys outgrew their 'ethnic costume' since the beginning of the year, and couldnt come dressed in it,  well, today..... all of us came clad in red and white to show our patriotism for the National Day Celebration in school! It was an amazing sight... the school in a sea of red!

With the H1N1 still at bay, we had the entire celebration in class! A video clip showing the winners of different categories for the different levels, and the programme continued, which included singing of national day songs which we have been practising during music lessons, a 'Don't Forget the Lyrics' game based on these songs and a quiz on Singapore!

We are very proud to announce that 2E is the winner of the 'Nationalistic Costume Design' competition amongst the Primary 2 classes and everyone played their part in one way or another! The cheer of our boys was so uplifting and heartening when it came to..... 'First- 2E'. We were so proud of ourselves and beaming with pride that at that moment, if anyone walked past our classroom, I reckon they would have to put on shades! It was very ego boosting..... so we played this part of the video a second time after watching the entire flick so that we could just cheer again! :p HIP HIP HOORAY 2E! Everyone was rhapsodic! :)

The boys actually designed the costume on paper during Social Studies lesson. Two drawings were chosen to inspire us for the costume. We selected Ethan Tan's drawing which was a drawing of an army officer and Ashley's drawing of the outline of Singapore! As a class, we brainstormed and refined our initial idea. The final product was to still keep the costume of a soldier but change it to futuristic look, still keeping red in mind, and silver for its 'futuristic look', together with a shield, helmet and weapon. We even decided on our model!...  Luke who graciously volunteered.

The boys readily brought the materials over the next few days- aluminium foil, paper, cardboard, red cloth, you name it, the boys brought it!... This was only made possible by our very own supportive parents which is ALL OF YOU! :) We broke up into 2 groups, one group worked on the shield and the other on the armour in the early hours before school started. The collage on the shield were bits of different shades of green paper torn up by the boys to be stuck onto the shield. The boys did this with negligible chaos. YOu might want to picture bits of paper flying all over the classroom.  The other group, we made the armour to fit, the neck hole and shoulder portion for Luke!

Towards the end, we engaged the services of our very capable mothers, Su Wei and Mitchell who readily rose to the occasion, and pieced together the entire outfit and did the final touch-ups within an amazing one day! *Applaud* En Le's mum, Mrs Tan, who wrapped up the weapon with foil, the helmet belongs to Joshua! Apologies parents, if I've left out your names. Your effort is most appreciated. Everyone was very excited. Ms Chua deliberately stashed the final product in the staff room at level 5 where human traffic flow is rather minimal :p and not in class! Ms Chan who sits in the Level 1 staffroom related how the other teachers were so curious with what we were up to, while she pasted letters on the shield! It was altogether very hilarious!

Thank you all for your support and for being an excellent role-model on the importance of the spirit of unity!

I have uploaded some pics and the video but have reached the maximum data upload on Flickr. There is a part 2 album.... Akan datang! I have changed the game as well, as previously, only a handful of free games allow the embedded HTML on the webpage without linking it up to another mainframe. My only concern is that the boys are unsupervised while surfing the net at this tender age. I have previously explained to the boys that they need parent's permission for playing the game.

Have a great long weekend and keep healthy and happy!

Ms Chua

*Pls remind your boy to bring his thermometer on Tuesday. Temperature-taking is done on the first day of the week and last day of the week. It'd be best to leave the thermometer in the bag at all times.

12/7 Announcements

Dear Parents & Boys,

I have updated the Gallery, Groups & Leaders! There is a picture of Daryl Kim too if you're wondering how he looks like!

Do check it out! And keep HEALTHY! :)

Ms Chua

P.S. There is still some work in progress, pretty pics of our new teachers akan datang.... & some more group leaders.

!!!! We need a parent volunteer who can kindly update our Articles Section according to the English Theme or anything that would be interesting for the boys! Pls email me aminda_chua_nyap_kin@moe.edu.sg

6/7 Announcements

Dear Parents & boys,

There has been changes in this semester 2's Timetable and teachers. Please check contacts ( work in progress...). We would like to welcome on board, Co-form: Ms Chelsia Chan, Social Studies: Ms Siti  Shakilah, Art: Ms Priya.

Please take note that the boys have to bring the travel form issued last Friday and show it at the entry point into school, and pass it up to me in exchange for an entry pass.

Ms Chua

3/7 Postponement of ACS Carnival 3

Dear Parents & boys,

Pleas be informed that the ACS Carnival 3 has been postponed! You will be updated accordingly! Hang on to your coupons!

Ms Chua

30/6- New timetable & photos

Dear parents & boys,

I have uploaded the new timetable w.e.f 1st July. I have also placed an excel file which you can get from 'downloads' titled New Timetable.

I have uploaded some pics in the Gallery taken from the Amazing Race and 'Show & Tell'.

The spelling lists for Term 3 has been issued too.

Keep happy & healthy!

Ms Chua

29/6- Boys who attended Learning Lab classes from 18th to 26th June

Dear Parents.

I just came out from a meeting. Please provide me with the necessary information if your son has attended classes at the Learning Lab @ United Square from 18th to 26th June.
Do not be alarmed. You may email me the info individually.

Thank you.

Ms Chua  email: aminda_chua_nyap_kin@moe.edu.sg

29/6- Welcome Back! 1st day of School Semester Two   29th June 2009

Dear Parents and boys,

Welcome back to school despite the furor over the H1N! It is great to see everyone again! Some of the boys seem to be slightly taller!!!! :)

For the boys on home quarantine, thank you for being responsible and we hope to see you soon!

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays thorough and managed to spend quality time as a family!

We did target setting in class today. It would be great if parents can review this with your child again, Pg 3 of the school diary, realistic and achievable goals, and the necessary action to go about attaining it!

Class seating arrangement has been rearranged too!

Will keep you updated!

We would like to welcome Ms Chan joining us in class, and a returning friend, Daryl Kim, till August!

Meanwhile, stay healthy and happy!

Let's have a great 2nd Semester ahead!


Ms Aminda Chua

P.S. Check out this website http://www.hpb.gov.sg/studenthealth/article.aspx?id=5750
and you may go through the pamphlet with the boys again! You can get it from 'Downloads'